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Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

The purpose of this policy is to minimize the occupational safety and health risks associated with persons being under the influence of alcohol and other drugs whilst at the workplace.


  1. To inform employees of the KD Aire Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.
  2. To increase the awareness of employees of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, both on the sites and society.
  3. To provide Management and the Safety Committee with the skills to effectively intervene in the event of unsafe work practices caused by alcohol and other drugs.
  4. To inform employees of the availability of alcohol and other drugs referral/assessment and treatment services.

Statement & Guidelines

This procedure covers 3 areas of alcohol and other drugs management:

  1. Over the Counter Prescriptions and Drugs, i.e. medication or drugs from chemists or pharmacists which may affect their ability to drive or operate machinery or overall work performance. Doctors and pharmacists should be consulted as to any side affects of the medication or drug that may affect an individual's ability to perform normal duties and maintain a safe working environment for themselves and work colleagues.
  2. Prohibited Drugs, i.e. illicit substances that are included on the Federal Government's list of banned substances.
  3. Alcohol

It is a Company requirement that there be zero impairment to work performance arising from alcohol or drug use and/or abuse whilst on Company business, at any Company location, or when being called into work on rostered availability.
Zero impairment to work performance means there should be no observable change in work performance due to the use and/or abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.
Any employee who is not rostered, but called into work at short notice, has the right to refuse if in their assessment they do not meet the zero impairment requirement of this policy.
Management or any other employee should never attempt to make a judgment on a medical condition or problem. All comments and/or assessments should be limited to fitness for work and/or the ability to perform work and associated duties.
A person who is affected by drugs and alcohol will not be allowed to work until that person can work in a safe manner.


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