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Construction Department — Commercial Installation

At KD Aire our construction team specialises in the design and construction of all types of Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Multi Storey Building Mechanical Services.

At KD Aire we have the ability to deliver and install an extensive range of building services:

  • Air cooled refrigerant systems
  • Chilled and hot water systems (Boilers / Chillers)
  • VRF heat pump and heat recovery systems
  • Ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Evaporative systems
  • Gas heating
  • Mechanical Services

KD Aire are committed to providing the best commercial air conditioning service to all our customers.  We also provide thorough testing and air balancing, surveys and reports, as well as routine maintenance and breakdown services, along with air quality testing for all quotations and tendering.

Our dedicated KD Aire Project Managers inform and explain procedures, ensuring a smoothly run project and client confidence from start to completion of all projects. We are fully conversant with the relevant building codes, Australian Standards and design specifications.

Our in house team of highly experienced technicians allow for the completion of all the specific works (Air Conditioning, Electrical / Refrigeration) and are readily available, allowing for less down time on all projects. We have also specifically designed our computer system to ensure the efficient management of all projects.

At KD Aire we are aware of the Greenhouse effect and ensure we minimize our carbon footprint. To ensure the ongoing quality of this aspect of our business we have implemented strategies in all our design work in both electrical and mechanical services.

Every specialized team member at KD Aire will assist our clients with all needs in a prompt and efficient manner and consider each and every budget requirement.


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