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Workplace Health & Safety Policy

It is the objective of KD Aire to ensure that all of our workplaces are safe, healthy and accident free for all employees, residents and visitors. KD Aire regards compliance with legislation as the minimum standard and is committed to improving safety performance throughout all of its workplaces.

To achieve our objective in Workplace Health & Safety, we will:

  • Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • Ensure all employees are appropriately instructed and supervised on how to perform their jobs safely
  • Regard all accidents as preventable
  • Train all supervisors in the production of Safe Work Procedures
  • Consult with employees through tool box meetings and literature
  • Establish the cause of, and take action on every accident, incident, hazard or near miss
  • Establish an effective rehabilitation system for all injured employees

It is recognized that occupational safety and health involves shared responsibilities, a team approach and continual improvement. Consequently, KD Aire is committed to a consultative approach in Safety and Health through employees, resource persons and safety chats.
It is a central philosophy of KD Aire that employee safety and health will not be compromised, and will not be subordinate to any other organizational objective.

KD Aire in conjunction with Aurenda strives to make the work place a safe platform for all employees, with an up to date WH&S policy that is revised on a regular basis all employees are:

  • Police cleared
  • HIA Blue card registered
  • Trained in the use of all equipment, working at heights and first aid
  • Instructed in the use of ladders
  • Every vehicle is equipped with safety kits which include cones, yellow vests, safety eye wear, dust mask, ear plugs, danger tape, caution tape, white gloves and safety helmets
  • Embroidered company uniforms
  • KD Aire is a member of HIA
  • Certificate of Competency of Manual Handling Training
  • Safety of Heights/ Various other training certificates

With the active involvement of all staff we provide safe work environments through internal performance systems, policies and guidelines developed within the company. The focus of prevention through equipment checks, site inspection by supervisors or managers to make sure safety is always the number one priority.

Cm3 Certified - WH&S Prequalification

CM3 Certified HSEQ Partner

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